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1882 Vernon Street,  Lumby, BC
Lumby & District Chamber of Commerce
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Whether it's the landscape or the culture, the Monashee is on the "EDGE".

Lumby is a vibrant, ever improving and developing community. Nestled on the northern edge of the Okanagan, the town's location provides an excellent starting point for outdoor adventures whether they are fishing, hunting, hiking, or camping, the possibilities are endless.

Located twenty-five minutes east of Vernon, British Columbia on Highway 6, and only fifty minutes from the Kelowna International Airport, the town is a very accessible place to visit. Stroll our historical mural walk and Salmon Trail. Shopping in downtown Lumby reveals a healthy array of businesses all within the reach of a small town.

There's a feeling that can only be described as refreshed as a traveler approaches this colorful heritage village away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As the eastern most spawning point for Chinook salmon, it's no wonder they chose this place to begin an exciting journey.

Lumby is the Trail Capital of Canada. From here you can begin your get-away on one of over a hundred trails that meander throughout the Monashee, then at the end of the day you can relax on one of our many patios to explore culinary delights.

Although the village was incorporated in 1956, its history dates back to 1893 when the town site of forty acres was surveyed and named "Lumby". 

Surrounded by scenic views, Cherryville is just the beginning of adventure.

The community of Cherryville is located 15km east of Lumby on Highway 6. This growing rural community is surrounded by forest and pastoral farmland and is home to about 1000 people.

Between 1863 and 1895 the original town, in the area we know as Cherryville, was merely a small mining camp, located deep within the canyon walls of Cherry Creek (now known as Monashee Creek). It boasted a population of nearly 100 people, half of which were Chinese miners. Every possible method was tried to extract the gold and silver from the area. 

I'm pleased to welcome you to the 
"Gateway to the Monashee".

Whether you've come as a visitor or to scout out the region as a potential resident or investor, I'm sure you'll enjoy our community. Please explore online in order to learn more about Lumby, Cherryville and the rest of the Monashee region.

We're very proud of our climate and our facilities, which make this a great place for people of all ages and all activity levels.  From winter activities like cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing, into summer's hiking, camping, swimming and boating, our recreation is hard to beat, while indoors we have skating and hockey, curling, an excellent library and several very active service clubs, including the Lions, Legion and Old Age Pensioners and great events.

These are only a few of the things that I love about the Monashee, and I'm sure everyone who lives here might have a slightly different list.  And, for whatever you're looking for, I'm sure the staff at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Centre can point you in the right direction.  On behalf of Lumby Village Council, welcome!  I know you'll love your stay here.

     Kevin Acton
     Mayor of Lumby

Prior to that, a small settlement of pioneer farmers and gold miners lived in White Valley, whose beginning commenced with the Cherry Creek gold strike in 1862.

Not only is Lumby a fantastic place to visit, it's simply the best place to live. With everything at your fingertips, life in Lumby in very easy going and relaxing. The surroundings are idyllic and the perfect place to raise children or settle down for retirement. Whether you've came to work, or came to play, you'll find that Lumby is an excellent place for both.
From 1863 to 1930 mining in this area had its ups and downs. Numerous companies operated in the area. In 1885 records indicated that 5210 ounces of gold had been taken to that point and at approximately $16.00 an ounce it was worth $80,322.00, which would be millions of dollars at today's prices. Most of the gold was less than 720 fine but nuggets of 1/2 or 1 ounce were quite common, the largest was 8.5 ounces. By 1940 the area was mined by hydraulicing and recovery was reported at $200,000.00 at 1940's gold prices.

Today you can stroll the old trails as they meander throughout old Cherry Creek at the Gold Panner Campground, which is also home to the Cherryville Museum. Here one can view old farming and mining equipment and explore life as it was through the stories of local residents. Visitors can view the old Chinese placer diggings and if you're careful you can still here the echoes of stones as they fall from the "rockers" along Heckman Creek.

Cherryville is home to a couple of general stores, each with a gas station; an Elementary School, fine dining, a golf course, museum, art gallery and a community hall and park which is the center for some great events.

There's a rich counter-culture here of music, arts and crafts in this land of picturesque rural beauty. With excellent fishing, hiking and biking opportunities Cherryville is a must for a great adventure vacation.
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