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With more and more explorers and gold prospectors heading into the Monashee in the 1800's, a road was built from Lumby to Cherry Creek in 1877. According to the BC Department of Public Works, the route came through Blue Springs Valley. It was about eight feet wide. With a road to the area, families began to arrive; eventually that road became Highway 6 which makes its way to the Arrow Lakes as well as a collection of country roads emanating from it that includes Mabel Lake Road, Sugar Lake Road and Creighton Valley Road.

Today, history has carved into the landscape farms and forestry operations mixed with the natural landscape to provide travelers with endless options of some of B.C.'s best country drives.

Highway 6 represents the main corridor through the Monashee. Just east of Lavington in Coldstream the highway reaches Tolko Industries, at this point you are traveling from the Columbia River watershed to the Fraser River watershed. Highway 6 is an easy and scenic drive with some great viewpoints including the "Coyote Sleeping" curled up in the rock of the Camels Hump.

Mabel Lake Road begins as Shuswap Avenue in Lumby and travels north as a paved road to the south end of Mabel Lake. Here it continues as a secondary gravel road to Three Valley Gap. Many visitors compare Mabel Lake Road to the English countryside with rolling farmland and quaint holdings, oozing with the laidback rural lifestyle that the friendly Mabel Lake community is famous for. Shuswap Falls, various show jumping and riding arenas, the Alive Resort and Spa, Mabel Lake Provincial Park, and Landslide Studios are among a few of the sites to be experienced along Mabel Lake travel route.

Creighton Valley Road is a chance to explore a treasure tucked away in the shadows of a rainforest valley. Echo Lake, located in its own Provincial Park, is a mosaic of color as this crystal clear lake inspires imagination with its extreme beauty. Its glass-like surface is only rippled by the movement of families of loons and the Kokanee salmon jumping at feeding time. Connecting Lumby and Cherryville, try the "Round the Hump" driving tour, or a weekend canoe trip on the lake or down the Shuswap River. Perhaps some fly-fishing and a round of golf. In Creighton Valley, summer or winter, a cozy stay in a heritage log cabin or lodge is comfort that shouldn't be missed.

Sugar Lake Road, as the locals call it, is the real way into the Monashee! At Franks Store and the Cherryville Artisans Shop in Cherryville turn north from Highway 6 into the Monashee foothills. Here too is where the Shuswap River turns north into its headwaters area. This paved road follows the valley bottom where it arrives at Brenda Falls and Sugar Lake. Here a fishing resort can provide you with a great base camp as you make your way into an endless array of wilderness destinations in your quest for snowcapped mountains. Monashee Provincial Park, the Mark Berger Traverse, The Pinnacles, and Rainbow Falls are a few places that mix old growth rainforests, and waterfalls with the Alpine and great wildlife viewing. In the winter we're one of the best backcountry skiing and snowmobiling areas in Canada with a number of great alpine lodges off the beaten path

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